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  • This is a command-line website. That is, you type commands in the input box above in order to get things done. Much like a DOS console.
  • Commands are organized in folders and subfolders. Some commands called global commands work from any folder. Other commands called local commands only work from specific folders.
  • The current folder is shown in the upper left corner of this page. Once you login you'll get access to the command change-folder (or its alias cd) which can be used to change the current folder.
  • The current user is shown in the upper right corner of this page. You can use the command login to change the current user. The default user is called anonymous, which can only see the root folder and the limited number of commands listed below.
  • Different commands and folders are visible to different users according to their permissions. You can use the command get-help (or its alias dir) to list the folders and commands available to the current user from the current folder.

Resources in the current folder

Global Commands
help , ? , dir
Displays help for a command or for a folder
Shows statistics about the system
Shows the login page